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[IC Information] 
Character Name: Rinoa Heartilly 
Series: Final Fantasy VIII 
Gender: Female 
Age: 17 
Species: Human 

Rinoa's very dark hair and - quite thick! - eyebrows are two of the stand-out features of her appearance. Her hair is just past shoulder-length and layered to frame her face and she also has several strands of lighter, caramel brown hair at the front left. Her skin tone is very light and she has dark grey-brown eyes. She stands at 163cm tall and has a slender build. She has a "girl next door" kind of beauty, with a heart-shaped face structure and quite expressive eyes. 

She wears a light blue, floor length, sleeveless strappy duster with her iconic white wings painted on the back. Underneath that, she wears a black camisole, a stone-washed denim skirt with buttons, a pair of biker shorts with zippers down the front and a pair of sturdy military-style ankle boots. 

In terms of accessories, she has a black bow tied to her left upper arm and she also wears a silver necklace with her mother's wedding ring and Squall's Griever ring attached. On both arms, she wears light blue arm warmers that match the duster. 


Rinoa is a sweet-natured young woman with an open and friendly personality. She has no qualms with being completely honest with her feelings and always speaks her mind - for better or worse. She very much wears her heart on her sleeve, she herself like an open book. Despite not being as outgoing and hyper as other members of her friendship group, it really seems that she believes in carpe diem in that she is always full of encouragement for her friends. She truly wants the people she cares for to live a happy and fulfilling life. It is because of this open, caring personality that Rinoa has the ability to create a lasting impression. 

When meeting new people, Rinoa has an innate ability to make people warm to her, despite their reluctance. When she first met Squall at the ball, she managed to get him to dance with her, something that many other women quite possibly failed to do (if the fact that he was stood on his own is any indication). She has a way of getting people to open up to her and this ability truly helps Rinoa get closer to the other members of her group, especially Squall. When she wants something, it is impossible for Rinoa to be subtle about it. This can often make Rinoa appear overbearing and quite vexing, but, as time goes on, many people find it impossible not to warm to her charming frankness.

Rinoa adamantly believes in fighting for what is right - this is evident in that she was a member of the Forest Owls - a rebel group that fought for Timber's independence. When she finds something worth fighting for, she will not give up, even if it seems impossible. Highly opinionated regarding the current situation of the world around her, she seems to have an almost limitless reserve of confidence in her beliefs which helps keep her moving forward, despite what happens around her. She is also very loyal to her friends - never wanting anything bad to happen to them - and never wanting to be separated from them, either. When Squall and some other members of the group were locked away in D-District Prison, Rinoa forced Irvine to return with her in order to rescue them - she used whatever means necessary (kicking, punching and scratching included) to get her friends out of the prison and to safety, despite her father wanting her to stay out of the way. She truly is the rebel with a cause. 

However, Rinoa's sheer audacity can be quite taxing - despite her good intentions. She is extremely headstrong and, once she's chosen a course of action, it is very difficult to deter her from it. In short, she is extremely stubborn. When See-D first came to help the Timber Owls liberate Timber, the SeeD (namely Squall) were unimpressed with the rebel group's distinct lack of coordination. However, despite the criticism, Rinoa determinedly pushed ahead with her plan to confront President Deling, lacking the ability to take advice from a professional - It felt right for her to stick to her guns, so she did. However, later on, after the mission went wrong, she reluctantly agreed to lay-low for awhile to protect her friends - nonetheless, she was very upset at doing so and displays this by running away. Her stubbornness, coupled with the naivety of a teenager, often lead to more serious danger. 

This is due to her strong desire to make a difference - which can lead to Rinoa putting herself at serious risk. When she decided to capture the Sorceress by offering her an Odine Bangle, Rinoa stubbornly decided to do it alone (after Quistis highlighted the futility of her plan, something that only fuelled the fire further). This led to her almost being killed as Edea saw right through Rinoa, and immediately prevented her from getting any closer. Her naivety often clouds her judgement and, what seems like a infallible plan in her head, can actually turn out to be a great danger - even a near-death experience. It often seems that the expression "Look before you leap" is completely unheard of to Rinoa. When proven wrong, she often storms off or shuts the world out in true teenage-style response. It can seem from this that she doesn't like being proven wrong or having someone speak up against her, but it is more to do with Rinoa feeling helpless. 

She often questions her place in the world, and, when things do go awry, she can initially feel defeated. This is particularly evident when faced with battles - as Rinoa is not trained soldier, she has less experience with combat than the others members of the group and this often led to her feeling scared and inadequate. She wants to make a difference and help as much as possible, but she deeply fears the fighting that follows. She often needed reassurance from others to help her make it through the difficult times - her fear of losing those she loves makes it almost impossible for her to rush into battle like the other members of her group. She lost her mother at a young age and her relationship with her father is exceedingly fragile. Thus, she has a lot of issues with being left alone and fears losing those she cares for. 

An important aspect of Rinoa's personality is that she reluctantly became a Sorceress. Rinoa found that she had to deal with losing control of her own body when Ultimecia callously used Rinoa as a puppet in her evil schemes. The fact that she had become a Sorceress and, through no fault of her own, an enemy, completely turned Rinoa's world upside down. After the events on board the Lunar Base, Rinoa was left shaken, and fearful of her powers. Afraid that she would harm other people, she decided to stop herself from being controlled again, giving herself up for capture. Despite this leading to her being alone, something she fears deeply, Rinoa still gave up her life in order to save everyone else - her sense of what is right telling her to do so. It is during this trying time that Squall truly helped Rinoa overcome her fears and allowed her to rejoin the group by rescuing her from being sealed. 

After defeating the Sorceress Ultimecia, her feelings for Squall seemed to have finally been reciprocated and she allowed herself to fall under his protection, comforted by his presence and his willingness to save her. Despite her difficulties in accepting her transformation, Rinoa was willing to fight and defeat Ultimecia once and for all, her desire to save the world by using her abilities proving to be stronger than her fear of herself. 


Weaponry: Rinoa's weapon of choice is a "Blaster Edge" - a type of bladed projectile that is worn on the hand and shot out from a firing mechanism towards the enemy. It acts like a boomerang in that, once it's been shot out, it returns to the weapon to be re-launched. The ultimate Blaster Edge is the Shooting Star, the model Rinoa currently possesses. 

Guardian Force aka "GF"(s):

With a GF correctly junctioned, Rinoa can "draw" and use Para-magic and summon the GF to fight her enemies

Limit Break: 
  • "Combine" - In this limit break, Rinoa calls upon her trusty four-legged partner, Angelo. She will then perform an attack or effect chosen at random from the list of available skills. Skills are learned through the finding and reading of a magazine called "Pet Pals". Full list of Limit break skills and effects can be found HERE.
  • "Angel Wing" - In this limit break, Rinoa enters a state of Magic frenzy, during which Rinoa will cast an offensive spell at five times it's usual damage rating and without expending any of the drawn supplies of that particular spell. In addition, Rinoa cannot be put under berserk, confuse or silence. 

Rinoa is a Sorceress meaning that she will be able to use magic without having to first equip a GF and draw magic. Her magic is more wild and primal than regular "Para-Magic" (used only by regular humans) as it comes from within herself and not from other sources (Draw points/Monsters)

Whilst in Sorceress "mode", Rinoa grows a set of  white feathered wings that allow her to rise a few feet in the air.

 Her necklace with her mother's wedding ring and Squall's Griever ring on it. I don't know if Angelo would be able to go with her, but she'd definitely be on Rinoa's bed. 


Rinoa is the daughter of Fury Caraway and Julia Heartilly. Her father is a General in the Galbadian Army and her mother was a celebrated singer. At the young age of five, Rinoa lost her mother in a tragic car accident and, over the years, she became increasingly distant - and opposed- to her father. Unable to see eye-to-eye with her father's political loyalties, Rinoa left the family home when she was seventeen, changed her last name to her Mother's maiden name, and moved to Timber. 

There, she enlisted in one of the local resistance groups, The Forest Owls and proceeded to put all her efforts into liberating Timber from the tyrannical control of the Galbadian army - the very same army her father is a member of. In that summer, she met a SeeD trainee called Seifer and they shared a brief summer fling. Later on, when the Forest Owls needed to hire SeeD, it was with Seifer's help that she gained a highly sought-after audience with the Headmaster. It was on that fateful night that she also met Squall Leonhart and they shared a brief dance under a shooting star. 

It then turned out that Squall was one of the SeeDs that would be helping the Forest Owls and Rinoa also learned that Seifer had not made SeeD this time. Unable to return to her life in Timber (because the Forest Owls members were being targeted by the Galbadian army), she allowed herself to be taken to safety by SeeD and leaves Timber with them. From this twist of fate, she quickly goes from helping a low-key resistance group liberate a small town, to taking on something much bigger - Sorceress Edea and the Galbadian Republic. She even finds herself facing against Seifer - someone she cares for - when he sides with Edea. 

Along the way, she soon finds herself drawn to Squall - at first, purely to argue against his views on life and the relationships he has (or lack thereof!), and later, those feelings of anger turn to something deeper. She also finds herself questioning her own place in life and her ability to fight alongside trained members of SeeD. Rinoa even masquerades as a member of SeeD during the group's mission to take down Edea, despite her Father trying to prevent her from helping. She even goes to Edea alone in order to try and subdue the Sorceress with the use of a magical object called an Odine Bangle. She is quickly discovered and Squall rescues her. Her loyalty to her new friends is soon tested when the group are arrested for attacking Edea directly and her father has only her released from prison. Rinoa "persuades" Irvine Kinneas - another recent addition to the group - to return to the prison and she helps break the rest of the group free. 

When the team finally battle Sorceress Edea during the Battle of the Gardens and defeat her, something strange happens to Rinoa and she falls into a deep coma. Squall, having started to truly care for her, protects her from any harm and even strives to find a way to find a cure. This leads him to carrying Rinoa all the way to Esthar, where he meets Ellone, someone who has the ability to send people's consciousnesses back in time - something he wants to do in order to find out what has happened to Rinoa, and find out how to return her to normal. 

Squall and Ellone are sent into space to board the Lunar Base station with the comatose Rinoa in tow. On board the station, Rinoa awakens, under the control of Sorceress Ultimecia - a Sorceress from a different time period, who had been possessing Edea, causing Edea to unwittingly pass her Sorceress powers onto Rinoa making Rinoa a Sorceress also. However, this time, it is Rinoa who is under Ultimecia's control and she makes Rinoa float out into space in order to release another terrible Sorceress - Adel - from her tomb. Once Rinoa has completed her task, Ultimecia leaves her in space to die. However, Squall ditches his escape pod in order to save Rinoa and the pair of them end up boarding the Ragnarok ship. 

On board the Ragnarok, Squall admits his feelings towards Rinoa and the two of them share a romantic moment as they return from space. The government are going to arrest Rinoa for the crime of releasing Adel. Despite being pleased that Squall reciprocates her own feelings, she feels that she has a duty to the safety of the world and must seal herself away in case Ultimecia should take control of her once more. She doesn't want to be feared or hated, so she allows the authorities to take her into custody without a fight. However, as she is about to be cryogenic ally frozen, Squall breaks into the Sorceress Memorial and breaks the seal on Rinoa's tomb, rescuing her and taking her back to Edea's Orphanage. It is here that Rinoa begins questioning her future and asks Squall to promise that he will kill her should she become evil. She tells him of a dream that she had where she couldn't find him, no matter where she looked, and they promise that they will always meet in that field. 

In order to defeat Ultimecia, the group team up with Estharian government and use the Ragnarok to board a structure known as Lunatic Pandora in order to fight the newly-released Adel, who is Ultimecia current vessel. Rinoa is unwillingly junctioned to Adel through Ultimecia's power - however the group defeat the Sorceress, forcing Adel to surrender her power over to Rinoa. Ultimecia then possesses Rinoa again and begins to attempt Time Compression using Rinoa's body as her vessel. 

Time Compression begins and it allows the team to enter Ultimecia's Castle. The team work their way through and eventually meet with Ultimecia who is on the brink of completing her goal of Time Compression. The team fight Ultimecia and, despite great difficulty, become victorious. However, upon Ultimecia's death, Time Compression begins to unravel and the team become separated, each scattered to different points in time. The only way for them to return to their correct time is by remembering who they are and where they want to be.

Rinoa chooses the place where she and Squall promised to meet should they be separated- the flower field near Edea's orphanage - and she appears there. Squall is not anywhere to be seen, so Rinoa uses her powers to locate him and finds him in a void. Despite it appearing that she might already be too late, she manages to concentrate on where she wants them to go and they reappear in the flower field. 

Later, during the celebration party back in Balamb Garden, Rinoa is on the balcony admiring the starry night when Squall appears. The two of them see a shooting star and he pulls her close and kisses her.